Black Stallion

FC6195 : 133.5-190.5 HP Diesel Engine | UL Listed and FM Approved

FC6195 Diesel Engine is built for performance and durability while keeping in mind that the engines are economical. Black Stallion Diesel Engines are widely used in the firefighting industry. Each engine is built with precision and care keeping in mind the safety of thousands of people across the globe. Black Stallion FC6195 Diesel Engine is a 6-cylinder engine generating enough power to support a fire pump system in a villas compound, Industrial and commercial structures. Black Stallion FC6195 Diesel Engine is UL Listed, FM Approved and NFPA 20 Compliant. Each engine goes through a series of quality and performance test before being delivered to ensure the best quality and compliance to all international standards.

Technical Data

  • Engine Type

    In - Line 4 Stroke Cycle,
    Water Cooled 6 Cylinder

  • Cooling System

    Water Cooled

  • Rated Power

    UL: 186 HP
    FM: 133.5 - 190.5 HP

  • Rated Speed

    UL: 2900 RPM
    FM: 2800 | 2900 | 3000 RPM

  • No. of Cylinders

    6 Cylinders

  • Aspiration


  • Rotation

    Counter Clock Wise
    (Fronting Fly Wheel)

  • Compression Ratio


  • Displacement

    7.127 Litres

  • Bore & Stroke

    110 mm x 125 mm

  • Fuel Consumption

    ≤ 200 g/kW-h

  • Voltage

    24 DC

  • Raw Water Inlet Size

    For Cooling Loop
    25 mm

  • Max. Raw Water Pressure

    For Heat Exchanger
    60 PSI

  • Min. Raw Water Flow

    For Heat Exchanger
    UL: 50 GPM | FM: 29.7 GPM

  • Jacket Water Heater Power

    2250 W

Dimensional Drawings

Dimensional Data

  • Approx. L x W x H

    1500 mm x 920 mm x 1390 mm

  • Approx. Weight

    895 Kg