Certified and Approved Cooling Loop

Black Stallion Cooling Loop incorporates all components required by NFPA and is sized to provide the required volume of water at the proper pressure for the heat exchanger of the engine models. Each component and accessories of the cooling loop are Certified and Approved.

Black Stallion Cooling Loop

Some features and specifications of the Black Stallion Diesel Engine Cooling Loop are as follows

  • Complying to UL1247 standards.
  • FM Class 1333 Compliance
  • Manufactured as per the guidelines of NFPA 20
  • Hydrostatically tested to assure optimum performance.
  • All components are checked for pipe strain and leakage prior to initial start-up
  • Flushing type strainer is used to protect the regulator valve, solenoid valve and the tubes of the heat exchanger from foreign material.
  • The regulator valves are used to control the volume and pressure of the cooling water.
  • The solenoid valve opens automatically when the engine is started and closes automatically on engine shutdown to prevent the waste of cooling water.
  • The pressure gauge indicates the pressure on the cooling water discharge. The recommended pressure under normal engine operating condition to assure adequate flow is typically below 20 PSI and should not exceed the allowable pressure.
  • Black Stallion standard cooling loop is available in Red epoxy coated finish. Option finishes available upon request are Brass, Gold and Chrome.
  • Cooling Loop is available in sizes of 1/2″ and 1″ selected as per the Engine size.

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