Training on Fire Pump Testing and Commissioning - Bangladesh

Prolonged experience makes one an expert, and SFFECO GLOBAL with its 30+ years of experience is being considered by one and all as an expert of the Fire Fighting Industry.

With our own manufacturing and testing facilities, certified by UL and FM, our Certified Fire pumps have become a mark of quality, and are one of the most sort out products within the industry and local players.


SFFECO GLOBAL organizes training sessions for all our partners who have trust in our products and have purchased our material for their projects. Bangladesh is one region where uncountable numbers of our Fire Pumps have been purchased and installed.

The technicians and engineers of around 30 companies who had purchased our UL/FM Certified Fire pump were invited for the training session organized by our testing and commissioning engineer, who is an expert on Fire pumps. All the participants were happy to avail this opportunity in understanding the technical knowhow of the testing and commissioning process of SFFECO Certified Fire pumps sets.


The Bangladesh Fire Pumps Training was planned as a daylong session at the Ballroom in The Westin Dhaka. The training session included both theoretical and practical exposure on the testing and commissioning of Fire Pumps and the requirements defined as per the global standards.

The training was planned in a way, where regular coffee breaks were taken from time to time, which helped in giving breathing space for new points to be discussed. The Lunch break was a very fruitful break, as it helped our partners and ourself, to socialize and network further.

The response received was overwhelming and each of our partners where happy and delighted to get the detailed training and explanation on one of our most sort after products, the Certified Fire Pump Systems. We thank all our partners for having trust in our products and considering SFFECO GLOBAL as their reliable source in the firefighting industry.