Few high school students in the Corporate Area are expected to receive an emergency response and firefighting training by the Caribbean Maritime Institute, as it seems to inspire civil responsibility in communities from the Kingston area.

The Training Program that is expected to be implemented by the Merchant Marine Corps of the University will be targeting communities in the Harbour View, Bull Bay, Port Royal and general eastern Kingston area as a part of corporate social responsibility of the schools

Director Fritz Pinnock who is the schools Executive Director said during handing over ceremony at an institution in Palisadoes Park that volunteerism in school is paramount to transforming the educational system and reinstating “team, not an individual, brilliance.”

He said “The challenge to our education system is not a lack of passing examinations and class attendance, but that of poor attitude, self-centredness and indiscipline” Director Fritz Pinnock also said “We are committed to using the [CMI] paramilitary approach to reach a wide cross-section of students, and volunteerism is something we must introduce in an attractive way in our culture, especially to our people”


The Merchant Marine Corps has over 450 cadets currently enrolled across 17 high schools throughout Jamaica

During the handing over ceremony, The Ambassador of Japan Masanori Nakana donated three fire trucks and one ambulance to Jamaica the grant funding given from the Embassy of Japan which was valued at USD 9.6 Million and is expected to kick start the schools thrust to encourage volunteering through the training program.

The Port Royal Fire Department and The Donald Quarrie High School received two fire trucks, and CMI received one fire truck and one ambulance through the donation by the Japanese Embassy

Initiatives like these ensure that the next generation is equipped with the safety skills to keep the community safe during the time of emergencies.