San Diego Fire Rescue Department is the first Fire Department in America to use aircraft equipped with radar technology to know if the wild fire is moving toward houses.

NBC San Diego reported that firefighters would test on one airplane equipped with the new radar and latest sensors that can determine if the fire is moving toward residential areas quickly.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer shared “The San Diego Fire Rescue will be the first in the nation to have cutting edge technology that will revolutionize how we combat wildfires,”

radar technology


New technology

The new radar technology equips the fire fighters with the ability to draw a perimeter around the wild fire and update it continuously as per the direction it moves

Fire Fighters will also be able to see the shifts in the fire after sir dropping water and the new technology will help fire fighters see through the smoke better

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman stated that they would be able to leverage this technology so that if evacuation is required, then it can be done more efficiently.