Fire Intervention Vehicles

Fire Intervention Vehicles

Techniq International Fire Intervention Vehicle are built and designed on multi axle vehicle chassis of various small trucks. Modified to needs and requirements First Intervention Vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and all the required fire fighting equipment to respond to an emergency rapidly.

Fire Intervention Vehicles are most used at the airports and heliports due to the fact that they are quick and easy to deploy as these are built on smaller trucks and can drive at higher speeds with more maneuverability when compared to conventional fire trucks.

Techniq International has been in the industry for over 3 decades and hones experience and expertise by being a part of many prestigious projects and builds. Through the gathered experience and expertise and by employing some very talented and skilled engineers and workers we are able to deliver custom built first intervention vehicles based on needs and requirements of our customers


“Capability of fighting fire and safety provisions in emergency situations is based on the quick response and mobility solutions that can be provided to the fire fighters, hence we are the specialists that custom design the mobility solutions as per requirements. ”

Techniq International

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