Ambulances have been into service for hundreds of years to transport the injured and ill people, although they were very basic in nature then, today ambulance has evolved to a completely different level with the capabilities to handle basic and advanced first aid and also manage stability of some very critical illness and organ transport.

Techniq International has been engineering and building ambulances for over 3 decades and has delivered units and projects to some prestigious organizations. Techniq International Ambulances are built with precision and care to ensure complete safety and durability. All our units are built at our own state of the art manufacturing facility in Dubai.

At Techniq International we are sure that you will find a suitable model from our wide range however it does not limit us there, If you have a need for custom requirements, our team of experienced engineers is always available for the challenge to deliver what is required.


“Experts in converting and designing health and medical vehicles to curb the mobility issues of the health and safety industry.”

Techniq International

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