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SFFECO offers various type of Fire Fighting Equipment. Our stand pipe systems include Landing Valves and Breeching Inlet.

Breeching Inlets are installed outside the building or any easily accessible area in the building for fire brigade personnel to access the inlet. This  inlet is used by the fire brigade personnel to access water. It is normally dry but is used to pump water by charging using many fire fighting equipment

SFFECO’s Breeching Inlets are KITEMARK certified. Breeching Inlets are also commonly known as Fire Department Connection.

Model Size H (mm) W (mm) D (mm) Connections
KM-BI2W DN100 190 300 100 2 x BS336


Standard                  : Certified to BS5041-3
Body                          : Ductile Cast Iron
Drain Valve              : 1” Gate Valve BS 5154
Non-Return Test     : 1.7 Bar


Inlet                           : Copper Alloy to BS1400
Blank Cap                 : Plastic
Working Pressure   : 15 Bar
Test Pressure           : 20 Bar