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SFFECO 227 Clean Agent Suppression System

SFFECO 227 Clean Agent Suppression System is one of the most echo friendly. It suppresses the fire by physically cooling the blaze by eliminating the heat energy which interrupts the combustion cycle to the point that the fire cannot sustain itself.

The 227 system gives a safe fire safety to people, life stock and assets by utilizing UL & FM certified HFC-227ea clean agent gas. The biggest challenge in using suppression agents that are eco friendly as sometimes the fumes that are produced during fighting fire can affect the ozone layer, however SFFECO 227 clean agent system is completely echo friendly and is a non-ozone depleting firefighting suppression agent.

  • Engineered System Cylinder Range: 20 lbs to 1200 lbs
  • Pre-Engineered System Cylinder Range: 3 lbs to 540 lbs
  • Available in Pneumatic, Mechanical and Electrical Actuation
  • UL Listed system using UL & FM Approved Clean Agent

SFFECO 227 Clean Agent Suppression System uses UL Certified and FM approved HFC227ea clean agent gas which is sourced from The United States of America. This firefighting agent can be used in occupied areas like residential towers and offices along with non-populated areas like warehouse and machine rooms.

360 PSI

Part No. Weight of the Agent Valve Size
SF90020-E, SF 90020-E-SS 9-20 1” Valve
SF90035-E, SF 90035-E-SS 16-35 1” Valve
SF90070-E, SF 90070-E-SS 31-71 1” Valve

500 PSI

Part No. Weight of the Agent Valve Size
SF90020-EH, SF 90020-EH-SS 9-19 1” Valve
SF90035-EH, SF 90035-EH-SS 16-33 1” Valve
SF90070-EH, SF 90070-EH-SS 31-67 1” Valve


Part No. Weight of the Agent Valve Size
SF-3-XXX+ 1-3 1/2” Valve
SF-6-XXX+ 3-6 1/2” Valve
SF-12-XXX+ 6-12 1/2” Valve


  • Inert on people & Safe on Environment.
  • Lower design concentration, Safe & Non-Toxic.
  • Active on fire with complete extinguishing capability designed to fully discharged with in second.
  • Three Dimensional suppression, & with effective penetration to knock down fires in hidden spaces.
  • Ability to recover quickly from business disruption.
  • No cost of down time.


  • Zero Ozone depletion potential.
  • Superior to water & dry chemicals.
  • Suitable for Class A,B,C fires.
  • SFFECO-227 is an Engineered & Pre-Engineered computer designed to protect specific Hazards.
  • With SFFECO-227 Clean agent system you assured of fast, efficient, environmentally safe fire Extinguishing.
  • Recognized and certified by the top independent listing & approval parties NFPA,UL,FM,U.S.EPA.