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Centrifugal Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps

Our Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps are UL Listed & FM Approved and are in compliance to NFPA 20 Design Requirements. The fire Pumps come in a wide range of Flows and pressures ranging from 150 psi to 2000 psi. All SFFECO Split Case Pumps pass through rigorous Hydrostatic & Performance test, as required by global standards. These Fire pumps are available in Electric Motor & Diesel Engine Driven configurations.

Technical Data Table

The range of Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps has a wide array of models, which come in varied flows & pressures. For more detailed information please contact our sales team or you can download our Catalog from below.


  1. All Pumps are Hydrostatically Tested to minimum of 150% of its Maximum Working Pressure and can withstand Double the Max.Working Pressure.
  2. All Pumps have Clock-Wise Rotation when viewed from the Driver Side.
  3. All Pumps are horizontal single stage Pumps.
  4. “The rated speed marked on the pump can vary within +/-4% of the listed/ approved rated speed example: 3000 RPM pump can be driven with 2900 RPM Drivers.”
Model No. Rated Capacity (GPM) Size (SucXDis) UL Listed Rated Net Pressure Range (PSI) FM Approved Rated Net Pressure Range (PSI) SETSCO & CE Rated Net Pressure Range (PSI) Approx Speed (RPM) Max Working Pressure (PSI)
SFP150-25SH 150 6 x 4 114-208 114-208 114-208 3500 300
SFP150-25SH 150 6 x 4 121-220 121-220 121-220 3600 300
SFP150-40SM 150 6 x 4 206-289 206-289 206-289 2900 385
SFP150-40SM 150 6 x 4 221-310 221-310 221-310 3000 385
SFP150-SN31SH 150 6 x 4 226-316 226-316 226-316 3500 405


  • Horizontal Split for easy access.
  • Dynamically Balanced double suction impellers extend bearing life and ensure smooth operation.
  • Casing with Thru-Bore allowing Easy Removal of the entire rotating assembly, including both stuffing boxes, and the entire bearing housing assembly.
  • Volute Type Casing with double suction provides suction and discharge nozzles cast integral with the lower half of the casing.
  • Both the Inboard & Outboard Bearing can be completely replaced without disturbing any other part of the rotating assembly, due to the Cartridge bearing arrangement.
  • Suction & Discharge Gauges with shut-off cocks.
  • Renewable casing wear rings, for Easy Maintenance and proper running clearances.
  • Casing Wear Rings allow smooth transfer of fluid into impeller eye, increasing efficiency & lowering NPSH.


  • Lower Initial Cost
  • Rugged Construction
  • Liberal water passages
  • Efficient Operations
  • Grease Lubrication
  • Heavy wall thickness to provide for generous corrosion allowance and high working pressures.
  • Heavy Dury outboard bearing fixed rigidly in housing to take end thrust load.
  • Lip Seals for both bearings protects the bearing housing from contaminants
  • Suction & Discharge connections placed in lower half, allows removal or inspection of upper half and rotating assembly without disturbing piping or driver.