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CO2 Mobile Trolley Extinguishers

Our range of Trolley Extinguishers are characterized by their high performance and rapid fire knock down capabilities.

Mobile extinguishers provide efficient and proper protection against large risks and also at situations where a longer discharge and a higher risk is at place. They are best suited for industrial environments where the fear of rapid spread of fire is expected and requires a larger quantities of extinguishing agent is required.

Mobile Trolley Fire extinguishers are equipped with rugged tyres and hence can be used and transported to any kind of terrains to provide best quality fire protection.

Carbon Dioxide Mobile Trolley Extinguishers

CO2 Mobile Trolley Extinguishers (Carbon Dioxide) – being an inert gas works by expelling the oxygen and thereby suffocating the fire and is suitable for common industries where small class B or Electrical risks occur. It is always to be accompanied by a suitable extinguisher (Foam or Water) to cover class A risks.



TC10 TC25 TC30 TC60 TCB100
Extinguisher Type Stored Pressure Stored Pressure Stored Pressure Stored Pressure Stored Pressure
Capacity 10 Kg 25 Kg 30 Kg 60 Kg 45.5 Kg
Extinguishing Agent Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide
Duration of Discharge (Sec) 40 - 50 75 - 80 90 - 94 100 - 110 110 - 120


  • Easy to use with Quick Activation
  • Fights Class A, Class B, Class C & Electric fires upto 35 kV
  • Braided Rubber Hose Pipe
  • Meets International Standards
  • Trolley Mounted for easy movement


  • Computer Centers
  • General Office Areas
  • Apartments
  • Air Crafts
  • Painting Booth
  • Quench Tanks
  • Manufacturing