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Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems are designed for small premises. This system is used in projects where there is no need for any complicated or complex network of systems.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems are traditionally used as an early warning system for fire hazards in smaller locations. These systems would give you an alarm when fire is detected, but they can only guide you to the zone where the fire hazard is located. They cannot point you to the exact location of the hazard.

Conventional systems are also sometimes called ‘dumb’ systems, purely because they cannot provide any detailed information and also do not provide any network output. But in small buildings, this is not a concern and hence the Conventional Fire Alarm system is the perfect choice for such projects.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

SFFECO as a fire fighting products specialist with over 30+ years of project experience has had the chance of supplying and designing infinite small to medium project where the use of Conventional Fire Alarm is vital.

Many a times, we have successfully designed the complete fire alarm system by suggesting conventional fire alarm systems instead of addressable systems, as it was more practical and apt for the specific project.

The Conventional Fire Alarm systems are inexpensive and easy to install, but also hard to maintain as each unit in the system has to be manually checked for service.


The Conventional Alarm systems components include:

  • 1 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • 2 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • 4 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • 6 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • 8 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • 12 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • 16 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Photo-electric Smoke detector
  • Heat Detector
  • Siren with Strobe
  • Sounder Beacon
  • Audio Visual Sounder
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Bell
  • LED Remote Indicator
  • Manual Call Point
  • Gas Extinguishing Panel


  • Less labor to install.
  • Can be set up as zones.
  • Each zone can be connected to a control panel
  • Less expensive in comparison.


  • Individual Offices
  • Retail Shops
  • Small Buildings