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Double Door Horizontal Cabinet

SFFECO Synthetic Hose Enclosure SF 4200 and SF 5200 series are for horizontal double door manual and automatic type builds. Build from mild steel or stainless steel with the sheet thickness of 1 to 2 mm. The outer edge of the hose reels is rolled over for safe handling and aesthetic appearance. The lock mechanism is either lock and key type or turn handle.

Available in standard Mild Steel models. Also Available in Stainless steel (SS304 and SS316) type Hairline Finish, Brush Finish and Mirror finish. Cabinets can be surface mounted, recessed or semi-recessed.

Model Hose Size Width Height Depth
SF 4200 1½” 950 700 230
SF 5200 2½” 990 750 230


  • Fire rating of upto 3 hours
  • Key type or Turn handle locking mechanism
  • Full Steel or Glass Panel Door
  • Mild Steel or Stainless Steel


  • Surface Mounting
  • Semi-Recessed Mounting
  • Recessed Mounting