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Extinguisher Cabinets

SFFECO Extinguisher Cabinets are specifically designed and produced to store fire extinguisher safe and securely. Cabinets are made of mild steel or stainless steel to ensure durability.  Available in brush, stained or mirror finish to blend into the aesthetics of the building.

Cabinets can be surface mounted, semi-recessed or recessed mounted as per requirements and specifications. Extinguisher Cabinets doors are available with options of full metal, full glass frame, center break glass and wired glass door to meet requirements. Instruction sign in Arabic and English are silkscreen printed on the cabinet.


Model Mounting Type H (cm) W (cm) D (cm) For use with SFFECO Extinguishers
SF 112 Semi-Recessed 60 28 18 10 Lbs/6 Kg Dry Powder
SF 114 Semi-Recessed 70 30 22 10 Kg/12 Kg Dry Powder or 10 Ltr Water or Foam. 10 Lbs CO2
SF 116 Semi-Recessed 110 32 25 10 Lbs/6 Kg CO2
SF 210 Semi-Recessed 80 28 18 10 Lbs/6 Kg Dry Powder
SF 212 Semi-Recessed 90 30 22 10 Kg/12 Kg Dry Powder

Mounting & Construction

Available in Wall Mounting type
  • Recessed
  • Semi Recessed
  • Surface Mounted
Material of Construction
  • Mild Steel – Powder Coated
  • Stainless Steel – Mirror Finish
  • Stainless Steel – Brush Finish


Available in design configurations of

  • F: Full Metal Door
  • G: Full Glass Door
  • BG: Center Break Glass Door on Metal Door
  • GW: Wired Glass in Center on Metal Door
  • GV: Vertical Glass Piece on Metal Door
  • GH: Horizontal Glass Piece on Metal Door