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Gas Extinguishing Systems

All type of Fire Extinguishing or Suppression installations require a Gas Extinguishing System to be installed to complete the system.

The Gas Extinguishing System offers outstanding value and performance for all small to medium fixed firefighting installations.

We supply all UL Listed and FM Approved components. The system is complete with Gas extinguishing control panels, detectors, audio visual equipment and activation devices.

Gas Extinguishing Systems

We have designed and supplied plenty extinguishing systems and suppression system based on inert gas and clean agent gas. We understand the importance of the Gas extinguishing system with detection and activation.

We choose the best among the available solutions in the market and design your system to the best capabilities to provide the efficient and eminent fire protection against hazards.


The Gas Extinguishing systems components include:

  • Gas Extinguishing Control Panel
  • Ancillary PCB
  • Lamp Status Indicators
  • Manual Pull Station
  • Abort Switch
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Bell
  • Audio Visual Signal Indicator
  • Heat Detector
  • Photo-electric Smoke Detector
  • Multi Criteria Detector
  • Conventional Detector Bases


  • Zero Time delay upon manual release
  • Single or Any combination of zones can be configured
  • Easy access to terminals
  • Countdown timer to show time remaining until release


  • 360° view of detection devices
  • Low Standby Current
  • Both Audio and Visual notification devices
  • All types of detection capabilities