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Wet Barrel Hydrant

SFFECO Wet Barrel Hydrant is produced with accordance to international standards and in accordance with AWWA C503 standards. The hydrant is UL Listed and FM Approved. All Wet Barrel Hydrants are tested to ensure quality, efficiency and optimum performance. SFFECO Wet Barrel Hydrant is also available with a 4-inch size Monitor Flange on top of the hydrant. To ensure that SFFECO Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant lasts long and is corrosion free it is e-coated to a dry film thickness of 0.6 mils minimum, then fusion bonded epoxy powder coated. Hydrants are tested at 250 PSI for FM Approval and at 200 PSI for UL and FM Approval. Each hydrant is tested for quality and performance before delivery.

Part Name Material ASTM Spec.
Body Ductile Iron A536 65-45-12
Pumper Nozzle Cap Cast Iron A126 Class B
Pumper Nozzle Bronze B62 C83600
Main Valve Rubber NBR
Main Valve Holder Stainless Steel AISI 304


  • 4.5″ Pumper Nozzle
  • 2.5″ Hose Nozzles.
  • Nozzle Threads to NFPA 1963 Standard.
  • Flange to ANSI B16.1 Class 125 (6″).