Mobile Workshop

Mobile Workshop

The mobile workshop is the best solution to provide technical maintenance service to valued customers. The vehicle provides the technician with the mobility required and also the quick action required with all the tools and equipment available to provide exceptional standards of service and maintenance on site or on location. The mobile workshop can be customized into any kind of maintenance unit, depending on the client requirements. With the available storage area and easy access to all equipment, the unit is a very useful addition to any companies after sales service fleet.

Conversion Features

  • Side wall and Roof Ceiling covered by 4 mm Aluminum Composite Panel
  • 50 mm Foam Insulation for all side walls and ceiling
  • Flooring covered by 3 mm Aluminum Checkered plate
  • Work bench and storage area made combination for Mild Steel tubes, Aluminum sheets and Aluminum checkered plates
  • Work Benches / table
  • Separate Storage Spaces for Tool Kits, Spare Parts, Fire Extinguisher Labels and Tags, Brackets, Cleaning Materials, Fire Safety Signage, Safety booklets etc.
  • Storage Racks for Spare Cylinders
  • Plastic Storage Bins
  • 4 x Fluorescent Interior Lights
  • Ventilation Fan over the side walls
  • 1 x Roof mounted Air Conditioner for Rear Cabin
  • 220 V AC and 12 V DC electrical Outlets
  • 1 x 1000 VA Inverter / Charger with Two (2) Additional Heavy Duty Batteries
  • 220 V Shoreline Input socket with plug and 10 meters extension cable.
  • 2 x Roof warning beacon lights
  • 1 x Safety kit
  • 1 x 5.5 KW Electric Generator – Gasoline
Equipment and Accessories
    • Dry Powder Refilling Station
    • Storage Tank
    • Carbon Dioxide Filling Machine
    • Nitrogen Filling Station
    • Digital Scales
    • Foam Concentrates
    • Water for filling Extinguishers
    • Technician Kit
    • Multi Meters
    • General Maintenance Tool Kit

Chassis Specification

  • Chassis / Car

    Single Cab Chasis

  • Drive System

    4 x 4

  • Fuel Type

    Diesel / Gasoline

  • Cab Style

    Modular Cabin

  • Transmission


  • Wheelbase


Disclaimer: Also available in other Chasis, like bus type, van type and truck type, depending on design and customer requirement.

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