Rescue Vehicle

Rescue Vehicle

The Rescue Vehicle, is part of the fleet that is designed accommodate patient for quick, safe and comfortable transportation in medical emergencies in remote areas. This vehicle is used to provide first aid treatment at the earliest which can prove to be life saving until the patient can receive any kind of advanced medical attention. The rescue vehicle is equipped with the necessary equipment and accessories to help provide that most important first aid treatment.

Conversion Features

  • Audible and visual warning devices:
    Front LED Light bar
    Front and rear hideaway Strobes
    LED Warding lights mounted on front mirrors and grille guard
    Public Address System
  • Cabinetry:
    Rear storage compartments accommodate customer’s specific equipments including Defibrillator / Patient Monitor.
    Customized command center storage cabinet with pull out drawers for files and equipment
  • Custom Console built to accommodate Siren, Radios, Cell phone, Maps and misc storage.
  • Reflective striping and lettering provided to customers specifications including rear window flag design.
  • Complete In house installation of radio equipment.
Equipment and Accessories
    • Emergency Rescue tools
    • Intubations Kit
    • Narcotics Box
    • Spine Immobilizer Kit
    • Spinal Backboard
    • Professional Emergency Kit
    • Oxygen System (Built in) sufficient Oxygen Supply
    • Auto eject Shoreline and battery charger.
    • Winch
    • Rear Push Bar

Chassis Specification

  • Chassis / Car

    Chevrolet Tahoe

  • Drive System

    4 x 4

  • Fuel Type

    Diesel / Gasoline

  • Cab Style

    Single Cabin

  • Transmission


  • Wheelbase


Disclaimer: Also available in other Chasis, Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon XL, Ford Expedition, Toyota Landcruiser, etc., depending on design and customer requirement.

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