Road Runner

Road Runner

Road Runner

The Road Runner is our highly efficient water mist fire extinguishing system. The ideal equipment in controlling fire in early stage using small amount of water in a very effective way.

Advanced technology water mist system that requires small amount of water to fight against big fires. Equipped with high pressure pump and 50 mtrs hose on reel.

The road runner can be operated by a single person for having the fast and simple operation procedure.

Road Runner Models

  • 4 Wheel Motor Cycle

    It is designed to run on an off the road such as desert, forest area and city roads. Built using four wheels motorcylce with 14 KW water-cooled four cylinder engine. Absolutely safe using front an rear brake system and wider tires.

  • 2 Wheel Scooter

    Designed and build on a moped scooter, to become the perfect solution to prevent spreading of fires in areas where big fire trucks are impossible to reach such as alleys, ailes and city roads.

4 Wheel Motor Cycle 2 Wheel Scooter
    • Water Capacity: 200 – 400 Ltrs
    • Pump Discharge Pressure: 40 – 60 Bar
    • Duration for one tank: 20 Minutes
    • Water Capacity: 80 Ltrs
    • Pump Discharge Pressure: 60 – 80 Bar
    • Duration for one tank: 10 Minutes

Chassis Specification

  • Chassis / Car

    Motorcycle / Scooter

  • Drive System

    4 Wheel / 2 Wheel

  • Fuel System


  • Cab Style

    Back Mounted

  • Transmission


  • Wheelbase


Disclaimer: Also available in other Chasis, depending on design and customer requirement.

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