Type 3 Ambulances

Ambulance Type 3

Type 3 Ambulances

Type 3 Ambulances are built on a chassis-cab of light duty van, offering a roomy interior for extensive medical equipment and an optimal ergonomic work environment for EMS specialists. Chassis is the only difference between Type 1 and 3. Besides, Type 3 has a shorter wheel base than Type 1, which makes it more easily maneuverable in heavy traffic conditions. They are used mostly at airports, chemical plants and oil refineries with medical equipment for Advance Life Support.


  • Aerodynamic roof design incorporated with LED warning lights (2 clear flashers & 2 red flashers & 2 oscillators) for greater visibility
  • Ergonomically designed interiors with optimal lighting (roof lights, handheld light etc.)
  • Mulitple control for heater or A/C systems as per treatment/patient care requirements (with prewiring for inverter)
  • Dual protection with inside/outside locking latches for the double doors
  • 2 rows of LED / Halogen fluroscent, dome lighting in interior ceiling with dimmer
  • Advanced control with separate front and rear OEM console for power distribution to emergency lights points and sirens
  • Hand-held spotlight with momentary switch, hard wired, to driver’s seat base with alrenate option of mounting location
  • 200-watt electronic siren with Microphone located in front console and 2 nos. of 100-watt speaker mounted under front bumper
  • Modular equipment paneling
  • Access door / Window between driver and patients cabins
  • High end Body graphics designing and painting of ambulance (including frosted Windows)
Medical Equipment Warning System
    • Roll-in Cot main Stretcher (Manual or Auto loading)
    • Foldable secondary stretcher
    • Spine Board with restraint set
    • Resuscitator Adult with Overpressure Valve
    • Cervical Collar different size (set of 6)
    • Dual Head Stethoscope
    • Wall-Mounted Sphygmomanometer
    • Portable O2 Cylinder – D Size with regulator
    • Head Immobilizer
    • First Aid Kit
    • Portable Suction Unit
    • Stair Chair stretcher
    • Scoop Stretcher
    • Front light bar(Red Flashers, Clear Flashers and oscillators)
    • Siren and Siren Speakers
    • 2 x beacon lights at rear
    • 2 turn lights mounted on intermediate side of body
    • 2 Grill Lights
    • 2 Intersection Lights
    • 10 Warning Lights
    • Load/Backup Lights

Chassis Specification

  • Chassis / Car

    GMC Sierra

  • Drive System

    4 x 2 / 4 x 4

  • Fuel Type

    Diesel / Gasoline

  • Cab Style

    Single Cab

  • Transmission


  • Wheelbase

    Standard or Extended

Disclaimer: Also available in Ford E Series, Ford F Series, Nissan and Chevrolet Chasis, depending on design and customer requirement.

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