SFFECO GLOBAL is led by visionary leaders with a mission to save, sustain and protect life. We believe in producing products which are not only certified as per international standards but are of premium quality at affordable prices. Life as we know today has become complex and risks surround us all the time. Our efforts are focused towards providing a wide array of products which keep you secure at all times.

We aim to rise as a global leader in the fire and safety industry and we cannot do that without our people. We are a multi-cultural organisation and harness the power of togetherness and working as a cohesive unit. Cultural diversity also opens doors to new ideas and also gives an opportunity for positive criticism which allows our people to become better professionals.

Life at Sffeco Global

Along with professional betterment, we also believe that our people should spend sufficient and quality time with their loved ones, hence we have in place stringent yet people friendly policies which regulate our work time and holiday schedules.

SFFECO Global management team has always appreciated talent and given an opportunity to grow within the organisation. Career growth processes are set in a very precise manner which allows our people to monitor their performance and also understand their areas of improvements.

At SFFECO GLOBAL we strive
to get it right the first time
and our people and customers
remain the top most priority.