• 1983

    Cornerstone of SFFECO in KSA

    SFFECO stepped into the industry in KSA to Produce Trust in Fire & Safety


  • 1995

    Export Business Starts

    Built international business relationships and started exporting


  • 1997

    First ISO Certified Company in the Middle East

    SFFECO was the the first company to be certified by ISO across the middle-east

    SFFECO Global ISO Certificate

  • 1999

    Expansion Plans

    SFFECO Branched out directly by setting up international offices

  • 2000

    Strategic Alliance with International Partners

    Formed a strategic alliance with International Partners to expand horizons and make a stronger mark globally


  • 2004

    International Expansion

    Expanded globally on a larger scale by making larger international partners and tie-ups along with setting up offices.

    Sffeco Global International Expansion

  • 2006

    Techniq International Commences Operation

    Launch of TECHNIQ INTERNATIONAL to serve our customers better and service other verticals

    Sffeco Global launches Techniq International

  • 2009

    Establishment of SFFECO UAE and ITE

    Setup SFFECO UAE AND ITE to expand its presence in the Middle East

  • 2011

    SFFECO Global

    Became SFFECO GLOBAL to centralize all its operations and bring all the brands under a single roof


  • 2014

    Launch of Black Stallion

    Launch of BLACK STALLION brand to produce Diesel Engines which went on to become a sought after brand for fire pump engines.

    Sffeco Global launches Black Stallion

  • 2015

    Strengthened International links

    Strengthened International Dealerships and Partnerships links


  • 2016

    SFFECO GLOBAL spreads globally

    SFFECO GLOBAL aims to explore and setup operations in other international markets

    International Markets

  • And the future looks big and exciting

    We will continue to grow with our reach and our product lines.

    And the story continues.