QHSE Policy

We understand that life is more than just running a business and hence spend quality time in refining and redefining our-self to help our people and community build a healthy and secure life, while provide our customers with best in class quality in service or products.

Quality_icon Quality

With modern living and vast infrastructural development our lives have become complex, and this brings new challenges to ensure safety. Not only do we face new challenges with safety measures but we also need to keep in mind the quality of our products and the ease of use.

Quality of products and services directly impact our company reputation and with the growing use of social media allows people to praise or criticize easily.  SFFECO GLOBAL is known for its strong reputation in quality products and services. We take every feedback seriously to improve. To ensure that our customers have utmost confidence on us all our products carry relevant quality standard accreditation and are produced as per international standards set by NFPA.

Poor quality can increase costs and would need additional resources and time for resolution making it stressful for our customers and could lead to financial losses and could mean that we lose a customer. At SFFECO GLOBAL we emphasize on delivering getting it right the first time to make sure that we meet and exceed expectations of our customers.


To deliver the quality products we require best in class and cutting edge production units, SFFECO GLOBAL’s production facilities across the middle east constantly undergo quality audits and inspections to make sure all our production units are at par with global standards and meet stringent requirements to produce accredited and certified fire fighting and health safety products. We also ensure that all our staff are skilled and trained to perform their job responsibilities and are aware about the quality standards which need to be met.

To ensure all our products meet the required quality standards we ensure that they go through some rigorous testing before delivery.  Quality is a parameter that can make our break a business and it impacts

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is something that we give priority in all our business relations. Only if products and services meet customers needs can we ensure safety and satisfaction.


Good quality service and products ensure that customers refer and recommend us and also continue giving us business helping us to remain profitable.


Our aim to become the best in the world can only be achieved by building a reputation of providing the best quality certified products.

At SFFECO GLOBAL weather it is quality of service or quality of our products, we take serious measures to meet them. You can visit our social media pages to see what our customers have to say about us.

Quality is an investment in the future

Health_Safety_icon Health & Safety

At SFFECO GLOBAL health and safety is given as much importance as any other areas key business objectives, and why not, since it is people who have made it possible for where we are today.

Being in the fire and safety industry exposes our staff to a lot of health & safety risks especially for our employees working in factories where there are requirements to work with heavy loads, machinery and electrical units.  Most accidents at work places today are caused due to lack in prevention and precautionary measures. At SFFECO GLOBAL we follow the terms “Safety First” and “Prevention is better than cure”.

Health and Safety

SFFECO GLOBAL follows some simple yet important steps for health and safety

Health and Safety systems

We have put in place a health and safety systems and processes to plan, organize, control, monitor and review preventive measures.

Hazard and Risk Identification

We ensure risks and hazards are identified from every aspect of the company function which helps us understand and implement prevention measures.

Control Measures

We ensure that all our preventive measures are adequate and that they are checked and maintained on regular intervals. Our people are provided with all the necessary safety equipment and gear to all our manufacturing staff and have a strict policy for all our visitors and office staff to be wear the necessary safety gear and equipment while visiting our factories and other accident or high risk areas.

Safety of life is why we exist and good habits always start at home.


Fire and Safety industry has a many considerable impact on the environment. One major impact is about the materials used in manufacturing. Our products need to be long lasting making the use of bridgeable materials difficult which also leaves considerable carbon footprints. The second major challenge faced is ozone depletion caused by the use of suppressing agents.

At SFFECO GLOBAL we understand these impacts to our environment and ecological system. We maximize the use of ecofriendly materials as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint. Through incorporating technology into our research and we have been able to provide suppression agents that are completely ecofriendly and are not harmful to people and equipment.


Providing fire safety products and services also indirectly contributes towards saving the environment. Apart from financial impact Fires can have adverse and direct impact to our environment and ecological system like

Air Contamination

During the event of a fire there all sorts of materials and substances that burn causing toxic fume release which can be dangerous.

Contamination of nearby water source

During the efforts of fighting fire there is use of water in most cases and a lot of this water gets absorbed into ground along with potential toxic substances which could pollute nearby water sources causing a chain reaction.

Other hazardous discharge

During fire and after the fire burns out there is a lot of burnt material which needs to be cleaned and during the cleaning process there is discharge of some hazardous and potential toxic fumes and dust which can pose a threat to the ecological system.

SFFECO GLOBAL makes efforts to ensure maximum safety against fire and to eliminate the risks or cut the source before the situation requires major attention of firefighting.

Our commitment towards community, environment and ecological system also remains as a priority at all times and in all our efforts.