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Fire fighting has become more and more complex as we develop, making it essential for the industry to evolve as well and develop new products that can provide critical services no matter the location. Fire fighting vehicles today are more than just trucks carrying large quantities of water to be sprayed. Fire safety vehicles can now provide first aid to save lives, reach greater heights, carry suitable and effective suppression agents depending on the type of fire and reach corners which once seemed impossible.

Techniq International range of fire fighting vehicles are suitable for every requirement that our customers may have. We have been building fire fighting vehicles for over 3 decades which has given us a detailed understanding of the needs and requirements of the industry and customers. We also undertake custom build for unique needs, and with our team of qualified engineers and technicians we are confident of delivering best in class unit with world class standards.
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“Capability of fighting fire and safety provisions in emergency situations is based on the quick response and mobility solutions that can be provided to the fire fighters, hence we are the specialists that custom design the mobility solutions as per requirements. ”

Techniq International

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