At SFFECO Global we believe providing better services is the key to a healthy relationship in the fire, safety & health industry.

Good service is the core of any successful business as providing great services is what makes a customer to come back. To ensure we are able to provide best in class service and products we go the extra mile to understand your business, your life, your risks and your needs. We understand that the world is evolving every day and thus needs and requirements also evolve, here is when great relationship with our customers give us the edge to understand those ever-evolving needs and in turn help us meet those needs.

Supply & Manufacturing

Balancing Supply and Manufacturing is an important aspect for all industrial companies. SFFECO Global Has been a leading manufacturer of firefighting products in the middle east and has built relationships and partnerships in over 100 countries.

Vehicle Conversion

SFFECO Global is steadfast to giving innovative and best in class vehicle conversion services to the global markets through its network of business relations in over 100 countries.

Pre Sales

Pre-Sales services are of utmost important to us as a company and to the customer as-well. The services provided during the process helps identify hazards and risks and understand requirements in detail.

After Sales Service

After sales service which includes testing and commissioning is important in our industry to ensure customers are satisfied and that the requirements are fulfilled. At SFFECO Global we give importance to continue providing best in class service after sales.

Partner Support

Partner Support is given utmost importance at SFFECO Global as this is the phase that allows us to understand requirements and assess the risks and hazards which in-turn will help us serve our customers better.