Pre-Sales services are of utmost important to us as a company and to the customer as-well. The services provided during the process helps identify hazards and risks and understand requirements in detail.

SFFECO Global has become a market leader not only because of the world class products but also because of the services we provide. Our sales team members possess high amount of knowledge and experience to cater to our customers.

There are 2 phases in our pre-sales services which cover the complete process from understanding needs to the commissioning of the project and usage of the product.



SFFECO GLOBAL has a trained team of professional engineers who are equipped with the best knowledge and tools to provide you and estimate along with the design requirements, which will then be used to create a commercial proposal.

During the design phase we will spend time to understand your requirements. The process would include a complete study of the hazards and challenges that we face. Once we understand the challenges we would put together products and services which would be required to manage the hazards.

Once we have an understand about the hazards and requirements a detail estimate and design of the product and installation will be made to ensure that our customers are able to visually able to understand the deliverables along with cost estimation and project completion time.

Pre Sales Design



After the Estimation stage, and once approved and receiving a go ahead from our clients, we will then go to the stage of creating a commercial proposal.

Commercial proposals are created after providing any technical clarifications and price negotiations from either parties. This commercial proposal is not only a cost Quotation but also a complete technical submittal including data sheets, catalogs and drawings if any, which helps in making a powerful presentation.


Our sales team along with the support of our engineering team, is best equipped to help you create proper commercial and technical submittals which will then allow you to participate in any kind of tenders.

These Tender documents and submittals are custom created for each project, as each tender requirement is unique. We have the best people working on this with a lot of experience to back up.


All our systems are certified and require a proper method of calculation to get the right amount of technical data for any proposal. Our engineers are trained and equipped with the right softwares and right tools to help in the calculation.

Every system has its individual and respective software, which is used by our engineering team to provide the required technical results for any proposal.


SFFECO Global comes with decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing firefighting and safety products. Understanding and transferring this knowledge to our customers cannot happen with one meeting, and we understand that.

We provide a detail training program that will give our customers, partners and dealers the technical knowledge about the product and its specifications. We also provide a detailed commissioning training which will take you through detailed installation, testing and commissioning process to help you better understand the functioning and maintenance of the fire fighting and safety products.

SFFECO Global is commited to deliver world class service and international standard certified products. Our experience of almost 4 decades has given us the knowledge and expertise that we would like to share with you, and also use it in our products and services. We pledge to provide you the support you would require for your projects.