Petrochemical and gas industry have always been a high-risk industry due to the nature of hazardous material they handle and process. The dangers and risk of fire lies at every step of processing, transporting, storing and utilizing materials. The petrochemical and gas industry has the risk of having one of the toughest types of fire which is known as Jet Fire and can be caused through a small crack or leak in the storage or transportation materials. Jet fire can also lead to a chain of events if not contained and controlled.

At SFFECO GLOBAL we understand that risks and dangers any petrochemical company faces when it comes to fire and health safety and we offer customized and tailor made solutions with our finest and certified products. We have a stringent process to provide you with best in class fire and health safety by analyzing risks, understanding challenges and complexities, studying materials and how they react, product selection and requirements, installation, testing and timely maintenance.


The petrochemical industry needs to function with utmost safety measures and some with zero tolerance to accidents due to radioactive materials being use. If the risks and dangers are not managed properly the accidents can pose a huge threat ecologically, socially, finically and economically not only to the company but to the country and its people.

SFFECO GLOBAL promises to provide you with best in class products certified by international standards. A one stop shop for all your needs.

SFFECO with its 30+ years of its experience has been instrumental in providing solutions and supplying products to numerous projects around the globe. Below you can find a brief list of our project experience.

Below are just a few samples of Supplied Projects.
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Experience in Petrochemicals


Oil Treatment Plant

Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Petroleum

Saudi Arabia

Abqaiq Plants Operation


BMS Al Mansour Filling Station


Oil Storage and Terminal, Teejan

Saudi Arabia

Al Mawarid Petrol Station