SFFECO Global has been paving innovative ways in the firefighting and safety industry for decades, and has always strived to achieve the best results by delivering world class products and services that meet international standards and local regulatory authority.

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We could not have achieved these milestones without our people who are our family away from family. We have hired some of the best talents and experts in the industry who possess immense experience and expertise within the industry. Diversity is yet another reason for our success as it has allowed us to harness the power of different minds and ideas to develop better products and innovative solutions to any challenge and opportunity that comes our way.

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SFFECO Takes pride to have set up a world class manufacturing facility in Dubai spanning across 40,000 square meters and is equipped with some of the latest machineries that helps us deliver precision and perfection. Our manufacturing facility also houses certified testing and quality monitoring units that allows us to deliver certified products that meet international standards.


We have expanded our horizon by building dealership network and strategic partnership across 100 countries. These business relationships have enabled us to understand local markets and its regulatory requirements which in turn has helped us produce products which are made as per international standards and also meet all the local and regulatory requirement.

We have strived in becoming market leaders, at the same time we have also strived to become a responsible part of the community by promoting echo-friendly products, promoting recycling of products and materials and also provide apprenticeship opportunities to new talents.

SFFECO Global is built on fundamentals and beliefs
set by our visionary founders and leaders,
which has been passed down to all its people