With the tourism industry on the raise airports are bustling with people and high traffic, and building a safe environment is absolutely imperative. Aviation industry is a prime economic zone for any city today which needs to incorporate cutting edge and world class safety parameters.

SFFECO GLOBAL provides a wide range of fire safety and emergency response vehicle for fire and health safety. Our fire trucks are engineered and equipped to manage suppression of any kind. Our health safety vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and first aid to respond to any medical emergency.

SFFECO GLOBAL also supplies a wide range of firefighting product like extinguishers, diesel pump systems, cabinets, fire hose and fire suite to enable fire fighters to respond immediately to any situation. We also supply fire suppression units, clean agent system which is a part of your infrastructure.


With us you do not have to worry about customization and unique challenges as our team is highly skilled and talented to provide tailored solutions for Airports, Passenger and Cargo Terminals, Hangers and maintenance facilities.

SFFECO with its 30+ years of its experience has been instrumental in providing solutions and supplying products to numerous projects around the globe. Below you can find a brief list of our project experience.

Below are just a few samples of Supplied Projects.
For a complete detailed list please contact our Sales Team.

Experience in Aviation


Cairo International Airport


Oman International Airport


Qatar International Airport

Saudi Arabia

KM 3 Aircraft Hanger


Amman International Airport

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi International Airport