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Fire Door Assemblies

SFFECO strives for innovation since the beginning and one of the result our attempt is the launch of world class fire protection rates doors and frames. All fire doors and frames are manufactured at our state of the art facility. At SFFECO we understand that there are specific requirements and hence we have introduced a wide range of fire doors and frames to meet all your requirements, and if none from the range suites your needs then we customize our product to meet your requirements.

SFFECO’s fire rated doors are designed for strength, stability and durability which is of utmost importance when it comes to fire safety and prevention. The typical application is in commercial, residential, institutional, industrial and mercantile buildings as service, basement, fire exit doors and elevator shafts.

SFFECO fire door assemblies are produced and tested in accordance with international standards set by UL10 B, UL10 C, UL1784 and are compliant to NFPA 252, NFPA 105, NFPA 80 and CAN-ULC S104. Having achieved these standards out fire doors and frames have achieved fire protection rating requirements of up to 3 hours.

SFFECO Fire protection rated doors can be classified broadly into the following three categories:

  • Temperature Rise Doors
  • Air Leakage Door & Temperature Rise Doors
  • Non-Temperature Rise Doors

SFFECO Fire door assemblies are manufactured to comply with various architectural requirements. The precision and elegant appearance makes SFFECO Fire Doors suitable for all applications.

SFFECO Fire Doors offer multi point locking and latching function. Our doors are also equipped with electronic locking and release system to ensure maximum safety. Fire doors can be a very important component in saving life during a fire breakout. Our range offers Temperature Rise Doors, Air Leakage Doors and Non-Temperature Rise Doors.

All our Fire Doors and Frames are manufactured at our state of the art facility and are tested to achieve international standards.