Research and Development

Our surroundings and environment is getting more complex and with that comes more challenges to keeping our customers safe and secure which is imperative. It is only through research and development which gives us detailed insight to understand these challenges and analyze them.

At SFFECO GLOBAL we believe our research and development is one of the aspect of our success; as through that we are able to deliver world class engineered products. Our research and development teams work on various aspects of our product line to update the existing products with new features making them more effective and also efficient. Apart from upgrading existing products we also strive towards designing and re-engineering new products to overcome the challenges of modern world.

The Research & Development department of SFFECO GLOBAL has a process, which they follow for their work on our products & services. But the main basic catalysts for all our work are mentioned below.

Market Research

Understand the current challenges and foresee any new challenges that may be faced. Analyzing challenges and risks gives us direction to channel our efforts to develop solutions.

Sffeco Global Research and Development

Our team of Engineers and researchers, follow the recent upgrades and updates in technology and requirements within the industry, and come up with innovative solutions & products to cater to specific needs of the market.

We research, analyze and find the gaps in the industry. Our resultant products then fulfill this gaps with the most efficient and economic solutions available.

Customer Needs

Our customers are integral part of developing, researching and re-engineering products and services. It is our customers who tell us what they need and sometimes those needs are of products and services that cannot be fulfilled with existing products and creates the need to develop a new one.

At instances, we have had customers asking for custom solutions, which also with the efforts of our Research and Development team, we have been successful in delivering. Sometimes, it is just an upgrade to an existing product, sometimes it is a modification to an already available solution or it may as well be about creating a product from scratch. Our R&D team is equipped and experienced to handle such scenarios.

We cannot solve a problem
by using the same kind of thinking we used
when we created them

Albert Einstein Scientist, Physicist, a brain extra-ordinaire

Global Standards

In todays world, and being a global company, it is very important for us to have our products meet all international standards. The focus on Fire Fighting, Safety, Security and Health related industries and solutions is on its epitome in recent times.

International organizations like UL, FM, LPCB, BSI and many others, including local authorities in each country are very specific about the technical requirements of products being used in the Fire & Safety areas within the country. Lot of money is being spent on prestigious projects, and the security of this money is imperative and hence even contractors and consultants are requiring products to be certified and approved.

Sffeco Global Research and Development

Our Research and Development team makes sure that all our new products are certified by the necessary certification bodies, as and when required. From the inception of the project to the completion of the product our R&D team always works in tandem with the certification bodies for a clear and efficient product result.

SFFECO GLOBAL strives to be a global leader in the fire fighting and health safety industry and our cutting edge research and development efforts is be a key contributor to scale new heights. The result of which is a wide range of certified and approved products under our brands.