SFFECO GLOBAL has a complete range of fire safety products and services for the oil and gas industry, for both onshore and offshore. Our experience in the industry is incomparable as we understand the very depth about how important safety is.
We offer a wide range of products and services within the industry and house a staff of highly skilled and experienced staff who have a keen knowledge and focus in the industry and make sure that they consistently deliver best is the industry service.

The role of the Oil & Gas/Marine division is to provide a full scope of solutions to the industry and provide clients with a tailored point of entry into an extensive engineering product and service base. We offer comprehensive capabilities in our specialist portfolio of services delivering added value to our extensive client base who often operate in demanding environments.

Oil & Gas

The role of our oil and gas division is to provide end to end solution and offer our customers with customized insight into our precision engineered product range.

We offer a whole range of fire safety systems like

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Water based suppression system
  • Gas base suppression system
  • Clean agent system
  • Portable fire extinguishers

We have proven expertise within the industry and SFFECO GLOBAL aims to be the global leader for the same.

SFFECO with its 30+ years of its experience has been instrumental in providing solutions and supplying products to numerous projects around the globe. Below you can find a brief list of our project experience.

Below are just a few samples of Supplied Projects.
For a complete detailed list please contact our Sales Team.

Experience in Oil & Gas


Woqod Petrol Station

United Arab Emirates

Baker Hughes

United Arab Emirates




United Arab Emirates

Oil and Grease Factory

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company