Black Stallion

BLACK STALLION is known for re-engineering and developing internal combustion diesel engines which is the crucial component for any fire pump.

Diesel Engines have been around for a long time and are used for various purposes. Fire Fighting pumps requires specific and high performance engines to drive them. Black Stallion as a brand came into existence for the very reason and purpose to develop and manufacture diesel engines for fire pumps.

Black Stallion has a long standing experience of producing firefighting engines and has made us a leading brand and a go to brand globally. Black Stallion products are manufactured as per international standards and carry all the required global certifications. Every engine made goes through a rigorous testing at our own quality testing facility accredited by international governing bodies which pushes the engine slightly beyond its capacity to ensure they perform to optimum efficiency always.

Black Stallion provides a wide range of UL Listed and FM Approved diesel engines which are available from 15 HP to 271.5 HP. Our Diesel Engines have built a trusted reputation in the industry due to its quality and high performance engines.

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