Fire Trucks

Fire Trucks

Fire Trucks have been into use since there was a need for fire fighting, however back then it was just a carriage carrying a tank or tote filled with water with buckets or a manual pump spraying water. The need for fire fighting today has become complex with high rise structures and advanced factories and public places.

Techniq International Fire Trucks are well equipped to deal with any situation that may arise today. The range of Techniq Fire Trucks have been built and designed after a lot of research and understanding of the industry and the risks that exist today. Our range of trucks are built as per international standards and equipped with the latest and modern equipment to fight all types of fires.

Techniq International houses some of the most brilliant and experienced minds in the industry, who’s expertise in the industry and understanding of customer requirements gives us the capability to design, develop and deliver custom solutions.


“Capability of fighting fire and safety provisions in emergency situations is based on the quick response and mobility solutions that can be provided to the fire fighters, hence we are the specialists that custom design the mobility solutions as per requirements. ”

Techniq International

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