Since the start of modern times, it has been seen that individuals and corporates alike have been involving themselves in modifying and converting their vehicles for better suiting their comfort or simply for higher functionality.

The main reason for conversion or vehicle customization has always been the need of the hour. There is either a dearth of readily available solutions that are easily adaptable and usable, or it is just the luxury of comfort and fulfillment that is lacking in the available product.

The trend of vehicle customization has always been evident in the automotive industry. If you have ever decided to buy a car for your own self, you would have noticed the multiple ‘trims’ or ‘upgrades’ or ‘lines’ or ‘versions’ that every car manufacturer or reseller provides you with. Each of these ‘trims’ are based on variations of the mechanics; the exterior looks and the interior comfort. The price difference between each modification ranges from very minute or a huge jump on the price, which has since the start of time not just confused the buyer but also has compelled some in ending up spending more than their budget. This is an unstoppable evil in today’s times that is rampant in the automotive world.

But the above-mentioned options are readily available, and there is never an option of choosing or opting for a few and omitting a few. They come in packages, with a tag ‘take it or leave it’. Also, these vehicles do not come with options of a more equipped or target oriented customizations.

This is where vehicle customization plays an important role. Each vehicle has basic 3 areas where customization is done to suit the requirements of the client, or create the solution for a problem at hand. The areas which are modified are

  1. Engineering or Mechanical Conversion
  2. Exterior or Cosmetic Conversions
  3. Interior or Comfort Conversions

1. Engineering or Mechanical Conversions

Each vehicle comes with its own chassis fitted with necessary electrical and mechanical parts which work best with that vehicle. But sometimes, when extra speed or extra power or additional lighting or any additional feature is required, the company doing your vehicle customization, will advise you to modify or add some parts to the vehicle, to make it better suit your goal.

Some examples are modification of brakes for racing, changing of the tire sizes for better height and better road grip, customization of the engine to get extra torque and pickup, and many other such solutions.

Another evident example is a Fire Truck. When a fire fighting truck is to be produced, it requires a lot of different conversions, like exterior and interior, but a lot of mechanical conversions are also required, as the numerous equipment used in the fire truck, require receiving power for them to run and the vehicle engine or battery can provide such power.

2. Exterior or Cosmetic Conversions

Sometimes everything in the vehicle is perfect, but it needs the ‘WOW’ factor. To get this, many people land up getting cosmetic conversions done to their vehicle. Sometimes this just includes getting graphics pasted on the body of the vehicle or even modifying the color of the body, to give it that extra zeal. It has also become a medium of advertising using graphics

But when it comes to more complex conversions, like creating an ambulance, or a fire truck or a food truck, it requires specialized teams with relevant experience to create such conversions, where a more detailed conversion of the body is vitally important. In such cases, the team doing your vehicle customization will just ask for the chassis of the vehicle without the body, and then design the body as per the requirement, keeping in mind the guidelines provided by the vehicle manufacturer with regards to the weight restrictions, aerodynamic requirements, size and length parameters and many such technical areas which would not be a knowledge that a common man would have. This also includes working through the guidelines and restrictions laid out by the Local Roads and Traffics Authority of the country you are going to use the vehicle in.

In situations where such body is being created, custom made for your requirement, or the need of the application, it requires specialists that are skilled with a lot of experience to back it up.

For example, when an ambulance is being created, it requires the correct body shape and an internal area for the comfort of the patient alongside needing enough space for all the medical equipment and a work area for the paramedics to provide medical support. Hence such a body design can only be provided by experience companies.

3. Interior or Comfort Conversions

As mentioned earlier, in present times, all the vehicle manufacturers are providing a lot of different type of interior conversions, that are readily available for one to choose from. These include, better seating type, material used in the interiors, type of air-conditioning, sun-roof, moon-roof, or a panoramic roof, high end music system, tv screens for entertainment and many such options are provided. But if any specialized conversion is required to fit the need of the hour, it is always best to get your vehicle customization done with specialists who have experience in providing the best-in-class solutions.

When we say interior or comfort conversions, we don’t mean only looks or luxury, but it also means providing usability and target oriented equipment to offer a custom-made mobile solution.

For example, when we talk about a food truck, it requires the interiors to be such that all the equipment required to cook, store, clean and serve are easily fitted in the compact arrangement as well as it needs to be safe to work in and all the equipment needs to be securely placed to avoid any incidents.

In today’s world, vehicle customization is providing numerous solutions for problems that have persisted for ages. Apart from that, it also has been noticed that people are also using the skills to create solutions for the new modern world.

We have seen a lot of innovative and specialized vehicle customization examples in the health sector, safety sector, firefighting sector, sports, communication needs, security sector, hospitality industry, and actually in applications for almost all industries.


Vehicle Customization is a very useful service that can be and should be used for creating innovative solutions for your personal or corporate or industrial problems. The capability of this service in providing the right solution for the right problem, has made it a recent trend. But be sure you select the right team of professionals to provide you with the best solution that does not create problems for you in the future. The mobility of the vehicle should help in solving the faced problem, but the mobility itself should not become a problem.

Arslan Akram
Marketing Specialist

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