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SFFECO is an established well reputed manufacturer of Premium Custom Engine Driven Centrifugal Fire Pump Skids. We specialized in designing and developing packages in accordance to NFPA 20 requirements with Listed & Approved Drivers. The Diesel Driven Skids are available in many configurations of pumps and engines.

SFFECO offers listed Centrifugal Fire Pump Skids that meet every fire protection need.

The Diesel Driven Skids are available coupled with certified Diesel Engines and SFFECO Certified Centrifugal Fire Pumps. The details are given below.

Pump Type Capacity Pressure Range Max Working Pressure Speed Frequency
End Suction Fire Pumps 50 GPM to 1000 GPM 68 – 234 PSI 175 to 315 PSI 2900, 3000 & 3500 RPM 50 / 60 Hz
Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps 150 GPM to 3500 GPM 88 – 335 PSI 220 to 410 PSI 2900, 3000, 3500 & 3600 RPM 50 / 60 Hz
Vertical Turbine Fire Pump 200 GPM to 2000 GPM 40 – 355 PSI 290 – 395 PSI 1480 & 1760 RPM 50 / 60 Hz

SFFECO maintains its standard with using it’s proudly own listed & approved Black Stallion Diesel Engines and Centrifugal Fire Pumps to package Heavy Duty and High Quality Compact Skids.

Our Listed and Approved Fire Pumps can also be coupled with any other Listed Diesel Engine of any specific brand as per customers requirement.

Emergency Generators or Diesel Engine Driven Pumps


  • Driven by Listed & Approved Diesel Engines.
  • Well aligned and Coupled for Direct Operation.
  • Skid Packages are Pre-Tested and Inspected thoroughly before release to customers.
  • One piece base plate with Anchor Bolt holes.


  • Engineered, coated, hot rolled mild steel to resist corrosion and abrasion.
  • Heavy Fabricated C-Channel Structure constructed to provide proper alignment.
  • Compact skid Design with Small Foot-Print for Retro fit.
  • High standard of Quality in material Construction finish and Workmanship.