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DJ Type - Standard Pumps

SFFECO Standard Pump Packages are offered in complete skid mounted units. Each skid unit includes High Quality Horizontal Split Case or End Suction pumps which are coupled with Heavy duty drivers, Electric Motor or Diesel Engine. The accessories are also assembled in the same unit and skid, like Gate Valves, Check Valves, Flexible Joint, Pressure Switches and Pressure Guage, are fitted along with supporting header. All these components are pre-piped, wired and fabricated on a Common Compact Skid, and are operated as a fully automatic unit via the use of the latest design of Control Panels.

We provide innovatively designed combinations & models to suit customer and project requirements. We are also equipped to provide customized design and solutions for and special hazard applications. We have different combinations which are detailed below.

DJ Type Models

DJ Type models are basically Diesel and Jockey pump combinations. They consist of Mainly an End Suction Pump driven by Diesel Engine and no Standby Pumps. It is also combined with a Jockey Pump for maintenance to make a complete packaged skid.

The Complete DJ Type skid, is assembled along with all discharge line accessories and are connected to a Skid Mounted Control Panel.

The Available DJ Type Fire Pump Skid Packages are available in the below flow Capacities.
50, 120, 150, 250, 300, 350, 500, 750 & 1000 GPM.



EDJ Type Models

The below shown models are our standard models.

Other combinations & configurations are available on request and can be designed as per customer or project requirements.

Flow (GPM) Skid Width (mm) Skid Height (mm) Skid Length (mm) Diesel Engine (HP) Jockey (HP/GPM) Header Pipe
50 700 1230 830 10 3 / 10 1.5"
120 / 150 800 1280 1220 25 3 / 10 2"
250 / 300 800 1420 1220 25 3 / 15 4"
500 1000 1670 1600 60 5.5 / 25 6"
750 1100 1760 1700 85 5.5 / 35 6"

Optional Equipment

  • Pressure Tank as Additional
  • Pressure Tank as substitute to Jockey Pump
  • Double Electric Pumps (Main & Standby) Configuration
  • Double Diesel Pumps (Main & Standby) Configuration


  • Fire Hose Cabinet Systems
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems
  • Deluge Systems
  • Hydrant Systems
  • Foam Systems