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Kitchen Hood System

Fire has a greater chance of starting in a kitchen due to availability of flammable liquids and gas along with ignition materials. Kitchen fires in restaurants and hotels are classified as F Type Fire. The Best agent to be used is wet chemical agents to extinguish the fire effectively and efficiently with minimal damage and loss to the equipment and surroundings.

SFFECO Kitchen Hood System uses wet chemical agent for fire suppression and extinguishing. Our fast response and active kitchen hood system protects and keeps lives and property safe and secure.

  • Cylinder Range: 15 ltr to 50 ltr
  • Available in Mechanical & Electrical Actuation
  • System design as per global standards and in compliance with Local Government Authority requirements.

SFFECO Kitchen Hood System is easy to install and has a sensitive detection system and is affective in sensing fire from the source and injecting the wet chemical agent in a manner that suppresses the fire by forming a layer which cuts oxygen supply to the fire which as a result extinguishing of fire effectively and efficiently with minimal damage and loss to the equipment and surroundings.

Kitchen Hood System - Cylinder Data

Three different sizes of cylinders are available to hold different capacities of extinguishing agent.

Cylinder Size Cylinder Height Cylinder Diameter
15 Ltr 965 mm 180 mm
25 Ltr 890 mm 270 mm
50 Ltr 830 mm 510 mm

Low Installation Cost

Wider protection area
Lowest flow points.
Better Plenum nozzles protection area.
Better duct and hood nozzles protection area.
Cooking appliance nozzle has a wider range.
Low Labor and piping cost.
Small sized cylinders
Competitive solution.

Low Maintenance Cost

Easy maintenance
System can be checked easily by gauge.
Other equipment can be checked by sensitive scales.
Filling cost is low.
Can be pressurized easily after each discharge.