BIID 2018

The 9th edition of BIID 2018 | Bangladesh Infrastructure Innovation & Development Expo Dialogue. BIID 2018 is the largest expo & it has been hosted with large number of exhibitors from international market as well as from local market. The high number of international trade visitors explain why BIID is of unique value to all the target groups in the Security & Safety industry. Interest in new technical solutions is growing to a greater extent than previously experienced, releasing tremendous sales and turnover potential.


SFFECO Global has been an exhibitor at BIID 2018 for a very 1st time. BIID 2018 is a platform where we are able to showcase our experience and expertise to competitors but most importantly to the world and our customers.

BIID 2018 was an eventful expo and gave us the opportunity to meet and show case out latest innovation to our existing customers and network. We have also been able to establish some new connections and network as per our strategic plan to grow and expand our reach globally.

We will be a part of the next BIID Expo and are looking forward to meeting valued visitors. We cannot wait to showcase out progress and innovation in the next event. Watch this space for more information and to know where to find us in the coming events.