Secutech Vietnam 2018

Project Qatar is Qatar’s leading construction fair. In 2015 over 2,000 companies and brands from 40 countries exhibited at the show. Project Qatar provides a unique platform to view the latest equipment and services from the construction industry, develop international relationships and generate new business opportunities.

SFFECO GLOBAL has successful used this platform by displaying our internationally certified product range to the industry experts like fire and security department, distributors, contractors and end users.



We were happy to receive response from the visitors appreciating our products. The event has given an opportunity to the team to understand the market standards, business requirement and leading players in the fire safety industry.

Being part of the Fire & Safety industry since more than 3 decades, we have been a part of many exhibitions and conferences around the world, and we have always been surprised and astonished at certain places with the feedback that we received from visitors.


Project Qatar is one of those exhibitions where we have been able to get good feedback and have had the chance to start a long term business relationships with other stakeholder.

SFFECO GLOBAL would like to thank and appreciate the organizers for the efforts and support extended to the exhibitors by providing such a wonderful opportunity to display our products and meet the local clients.