PSME Training

As a part of corporate social responsibility SFFECO Global organizes and takes part if many training events and knowledge sharing sessions and events. As a part of our efforts to help the community and form a better place for the coming generations, we organized a training session for the PSME (Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers) in Abu Dhabi.

PSME is an organization of Filipino Mechanical Engineers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates affiliated to the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) National Chapter in Manila, Philippines. PSME enables the Mechanical Engineering profession to discharge its public responsibilities effectively. promote and maintain high professional standards in the Mechanical Engineering profession. develop among members high ideals of competence, ethical conduct, integrity and civil consciousness. foster cordial, harmonious, and fruitful relations among its members and To protect and enhance the integrity of the certificates of registration i.e. PME, ME and CPM.


SFFECO Global volunteered to deliver a knowledge based session at the PSME Training session which was delivered by Production Manager Mr Eric who is a mechanical engineer and also handles our production facility in Dubai, and was accompanied by Mr Shehadi who is a part of our Sales Force.

The training session covered various aspects of fire fighting products and its technical functions. It also involved a discussion about the critical service the fire fighting industry provides and the positive impact a good engineer can make.

The day was filled with a lot of knowledge sharing and experience sharing and was concluded with handing over training completion certification and goodies to all the participants. We noticed a lot of enthusiasm among all the participants which was heartwarming, it was a very productive day and wish good luck to all the engineers we met. We hope to deliver many such sessions in the future.