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Sprinklers are the most effective way to protect a property from fire, because of their quick reaction time. In homes and offices, the sprinklers are installed in ceilings or behind walls, and are placed in a network of water filled piping. Each sprinkler covers a certain area and protects against fire. It activates quickly when the temperature reaches the designated temperature, and then forcefully sprays water on the flames, and either completely extinguishes the fire or at the least controlling the spread of fire, till the fire department arrives. This reduces the risk of death or injury from any such events, as it helps in reducing the heat, flames and the smoke resulted due to the fire.

Our sprinklers are small, glass bulb spray type sprinklers which are thermo-sensitive and available in various temperature ratings. The Standard and Quick response sprinklers are decorative and attractive and are well matched to any kind of interior decoration in projects. Additionally, the sprinklers come with a Nickel-Chrome plating even after passing the standard corrosion test, which in turn increases the life of the sprinkler.

The sprinkler system requires a lot of accessories to either make them look nice or for installation. SFFECO supplies the best quality sprinklers along with the supporting accessories and hence providing a complete system to fight fire.


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