Neonatal Ambulances

Neo Natal Ambulance

Neonatal Ambulances

Neonatal Ambulances are designed to provide fast, comfortable and safe transport of patient in any medical emergencies especially for neonatal Transportation. The ambulance is equipped with various medical equipment suitable for first-aid treatment of patient anytime, anywhere with provision to mount and use Transport Incubator and related equipment for neonatal use. The spacious and flexible interior room offers the best condition in neonatal care for its functionality and accessibility, with its properly designed storage compartments.


  • Aerodynamic roof design incorporated with LED warning lights (2 clear flashers & 2 red flashers & 2 oscillators) for greater visibility
  • Ergonomically designed interiors with optimal lighting (roof lights, handheld light wired to driver’s seat base with options for mounting)
  • Mulitplex control for heater or A/C systems as per treatment/patient care requirements (with pre-wiring for inverter)
  • Dual protection with inside/outside locking latches for the double doors
  • 2 rows of LED fluorescent dome lighting in interior ceiling with dimmer
  • Advanced control with separate frontal and rear OEM console for power distribution to emergency lights points and sirens
  • Hand-held 500,000 CP spotlight with momentary switch, hard wired, to driver’s seat base with alternate option of mounting location
  • 200-watt siren with Microphone located in front console and 2 nos 100-watt drivers mounted under front bumper
  • Modular equipment paneling
  • Body graphics, custom designing, and painting of ambulance (including window-tinting)
Medical Equipment Warning System
    • Main Roll-in Stretcher with mattress, restraints and fixations
    • Emergency Foldable Stretcher with Wheels
    • Spinal Board with Restraints
    • Head Immobilizer
    • Cervical Collar – 6 pcs. Set with Bag
    • Manual Resuscitation Kit (Adult, child & Infant)
    • Combination Stair Chair Stretcher
    • Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer with adult and pediatric cuff
    • Dual Head Stethoscope (Adult and Child)
    • Traction Splint set (Adult & Child)
    • Splint Kit 5 pcs. set of Flexible Splint
    • Extrication Device
    • Eco Air Splint – Inflatable Splint Set 6 pcs
    • Automated External Defibrillator
    • Pulse Oximeter
    • Accu-chek Active Blood Glucose Meter
    • Portable Suction Device
    • Portable Oxygen Cylinder
    • CPR Board
    • Professional Emergency Kit (with BLS Consumables)
    • First Aid Kit – Wall mounted
    • Medical Waste Bin / Sharp Container
    • Hand Held Spot Light
    • Portable Mini Refrigerator
    • Light Bar, Front (red/white/blue)
    • Dual mode Flasher
    • Grill Lights
    • Intersection lights
    • Red Warning Lights
    • Two Scene Lights
    • Loading Lights
    • Signal Lights
    • Siren & PA System
    • Observation Camera with LCD Screen
    • Intercom System
    • Two-way Radio Communication System

Chassis Specification

  • Chassis / Car

    GMC Sierra 3500 HD

  • Drive System

    4 x 2 / 4 x 4

  • Fuel Type

    Diesel / Gasoline

  • Cab Style

    Single Cabin

  • Transmission


  • Wheelbase

    Standard or Extended

Disclaimer: Also available in GMC, IVECO, FORD, MITSUBISHI & ASHOK LEYLAND Chasis, depending on design and customer requirement.

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