Patient Transport

Patient Transporter

Patient Transport

The Patient Transport is an ambulance designed to provide a comfortable and safe transport of patient in any medical emergencies. The ambulance is equipped with various medical equipment suitable for first-aid and basic life support treatment of patient anytime, anywhere. The spacious and flexible interior room offers the best condition in patient care for its functionality and accessibility, with its properly designed storage compartments. Finally, all installation and design of the Patient Transport satisfies the requirement of every customer with utmost attention to quality, durability and reliability.


  • Ceiling: Made of ABS sheet with foam insulation.
  • Interior Lights: 2 units Twin tube fluorescent lamps 16 watts recessed mounting on the ceiling.
  • Hand Rail: Made of 1” stainless tube mounted on the ceiling.
  • IV Holder: Fold-able IV Holder mounted on the ceiling. One (1) over the main patient area and one (1) over the Squad Bench.
  • Air Condition: Additional A/C evaporator for the patient area.
  • Flooring: Made of marine plywood covered with heavy duty vinyl flooring, 5cm. rolled up on the sides with aluminum trim.
  • Partition wall: Made of ABS sheet with foam insulation.
  • Cabinetry: Made of Aluminum bent sheet with aluminum profile for the clear acrylic sheet sliding cover with continues handle Powder coat finished.
  • Cabinets: With aluminum profile sliding frame and with 5mm. transparent solar bronze poly-carbonate with edge handle.
  • Action Area: Placed along with the cabinetry, on the right side of the Patient Stretcher
  • Control Switches: Placed on the Action Area and Consul Box at the Driver’s Cabin
  • Folding Stretcher Compartment: Placed along with the cabinetry, on the rear entrance portion of the vehicle with belts to secure the folding stretcher
  • Squad Bench: Made of Aluminum sheet fabricated with upholstery and backrest with safety belts underneath is a compartment tools and medical equipment. With gas prop to hold the top cover. Powder coat finished.
Medical Equipment Warning System
    • Roll-in Cot main Stretcher (Manual or Auto loading)
    • Fold-able secondary stretcher
    • Cervical Collar different size (set of 6)
    • Head Immobilizer
    • First Aid Kit
    • Front light bar
    • 2 x beacon lights at rear
    • 2 turn lights mounted on intermediate side of body
    • Flashers
    • 2 Grill Lights
    • Intersection Lights
    • Warning Lights
    • Load/Backup Lights
    • Siren and Siren Speakers

Chassis Specification

  • Chassis / Car

    Toyota Hiace

  • Drive System

    4 x 2 / 4 x 4

  • Fuel Type

    Diesel / Gasoline

  • Cab Style

    Standard Cab

  • Transmission

    Automatic / Manual

  • Wheelbase

    Standard or Extended

Disclaimer: Also available in Nissan Urvan and GMC Savanna Chasis, depending on design and customer requirement.

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