Incident Command Unit

Incident Command Unit

The Incident Command Unit was made to take the best advantages of the latest available technologies, in assisting the client to provide a quick and efficient response in managing an incident. While doing this it also was important to ensure that the layout of the interiors and the space used is multi functional. Techniq international, with our experience has made the Incident Command Unit also more commonly known as ICU, to be less complex and more affordable.

Conversion Features

  • Underfloor Locker
    The locker system is designed to hold standard vehicle utilities, including generator, air conditioning and back‐up power supply. In addition, it will provide space for demountable auxiliary equipment.
  • External Windows
    The external windows fitted in both the communications area and command conference room are triple glazed anti‐shatter tinted windows. Each window is fitted with an integral blind system.
  • Entrance Ways
    To access the vehicle, a step well has been inset which provides with a hand rail and steps are illuminated. If the vehicle is deployed on a slope, an electric slide out step is gives a further step before ground level.
  • Hydraulic Levelling
    The unit is fitted with the latest hydraulic levelling system. There are four hydraulic legs which are individually operated from a wander lead hand controller.
  • Power Generation
    The incident command unit is provided with a 19kW diesel marine generator which is designed to run from the main vehicle tank.
  • Batter Backup System
    To provide a resilient power source for the vehicle, we have installed an emergency battery pack in case of mains power failure.
  • Air Mast
    Fitted in the rear near‐side corner is a 6 metre pneumatic mast. The mast is designed for use in the Gulf region and has the ability to drain away both sand and condensate water from the mast structure.
  • Solar Panel System
    The solar system will provide residual charging current to the battery bank to offer resilient charging and battery management.
  • Communications Area
    The communications area is designed with two bespoke workstations, which are fitted in a curved desk unit to offer the most ergonomic seating position for the operators. The operators have fully adjustable seating systems, which allow them to rotate when accessing or entering the seats.
  • Command Conference Room
    The command conference room is designed to support between 6 and 8 staff for inter‐agency briefings or command information gathering. The room is designed with a centrally‐mounted circular smart table which has an in‐built touch screen PC.
Equipment Detail Electrical & Warning System Auxillary Equipment
    • Full solar array , KA band satellite connectivity to internet
    • VOIP( Voice Over Internet Protocol)
    • Creates its own (4G) network bubble with a range of 2km around the vehicle providing up to 1000Mbs wireless information transfer
    • All on‐board systems 12volt for simple and effective resilience
    • 12V battery bank with solar assistance to operate for over 8 hours without mains power
    • 20kW diesel generator
    • Compatible air conditioning system operable to over 50 degrees centigrade
    • Secure N£ cloud‐based server technology
    • The latest Vector Command and Control software
    • Incident room with two fully functional M1 tested operator seats
    • Command briefing room with two 42” touch screens and a 40” touch screen briefing table
    • Four hydraulic levelling legs
    • Composite body with high density insulation and safari roof
    • Four triple glazed windows with privacy glass and integral blinds
  1. If any of the above items are left in their deployed or “open” position, the audible warning will sound when the engine is started.

    • Satellite dish
    • Air Mast
    • Hydraulic Leveling
    • External Locker doors
    • Electric slide‐out step
    • External doors
    • Internally‐mounted fridge for food and drink
    • Smoke detectors in both key areas
    • Carbon monoxide sensors in both key areas
    • Whiteboard provision
    • Internal CCTV system
    • External reversing camera
    • Front‐mounted fog lights with LED driving lights
    • Fire extinguishers x 2

Chassis Specification

  • Chassis / Car


  • Drive System

    4 x 2

  • Fuel Type

    Diesel / Gasoline

  • Cab Style

    Single Cabin

  • Transmission

    Automatic / Manual

  • Wheelbase


Disclaimer: Also available in other Chasis, depending on design and customer requirement.

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